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Spring Forward, Fall Back.

The air is warm and there is a faint smell of barbeque sifting through the air. It is that day of Canadian spring. The first day. The first day that you can almost feel the melting. The first day that … Continue reading

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I Need a Hero: 80’s Soap Opera Super Couples


Although the best moment is Bo trying to find the door to the church, this is probably the best 10 minutes of drama for a Soap Opera enthusiast, like myself. My daily exposure to Days of Our Lives Super Couples in the 80’s gave me romantic aspirations that are a tad unlikely, and now down-right unfavourable… such as being kidnapped before my wedding (see wicked Bo & Hope clip) or breaking my legs while stranded in a desert island swamp so I could spend time with/ coyly seduce my cantankerous boss (see Jack & Jennifer, Cruise of Deception).
I grew up fantasizing about romantic gestures that are realistically followed by jail time or extensive physiotherapy.

*The Jack/ Jennifer video also includes some 80’s technological advancements, such as a Desktop computer and remote controlled window treatments. For these reasons, I chose that video as a prime example instead of this secondary example of the sensual shenanigans of being shipwrecked. This secondary example shows a daytime appropriate erotic mud massage and the nonchalance of discovering your friends wading nude in a swamp.

God Bless 80’s Super Couples.

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