Spring Forward, Fall Back.

The air is warm and there is a faint smell of barbeque sifting through the air.

It is that day of Canadian spring. The first day. The first day that you can almost feel the melting. The first day that you leave your coat open with a breeze on your chest. Comfortable and clean and you keep your hat in your purse.

Keep your hat in your purse, where it damn well belongs.

The first day that your spine is warm in months.

And it will storm tomorrow.

I don’t mind. I’ve had a taste, and now I can hold my patience a little longer.

But I took my hat out of my purse. I will need it in the morning.

I am in Niagara Falls rehearsing a play. The first play that I’ve done in a very, very long time and I am overjoyed. It’s been pretty terrific. We’ve been cursing a lot and screaming and laughing and it’s good work.

I missed this.

I like this town, especially my street. It’s referred to as part of Downtown but it’s kinda mid town, I guess. I met some new friends at the pub across the street. A lovely diner and a sweet bakery hold court close.

My home.

Old lamps and artwork and curtains hung to separate our rooms. A comfy couch to rest on and a bed that sits above in the loft; a creaky little ladder that leads to sleep. It’s so calm and quiet, maybe because you can basically hear everything. This place is warm and soft from use and adventurers and there is a spry orange cat named Chicken.

This is an artists space: a cozy haven for the lines of dialogue dancing in my head and the insane amount of Netflix television series that are on rotation when I hole away at night.

Which reminds me that you should watch Luther, True Detective and Downtown Abbey.

Days of our Lives episodes can also be watched in their entirety at Globaltv.com.

You’re welcome.

I try to be asleep by midnight.

This in itself is a vacation from reality.

Goodnight. Let it snow.

On Today’s Episode:

  1. Nicole is trying to convince Eric to sleep with her but he’s a priest. Later, she speaks to God.
  2. Abigail spills her tea when Sami explains to her that unprotected sex plus all the symptoms of pregnancy can lead to a diagnosis of pregnancy. A very brief flashback reveals her kissing a man in a waterfall. Her pregnancy secret is almost foiled by a friend who offers to take her out for a caffeinated beverage.
  3. In a surprising turn of events, two characters attend to their children. Repeatedly.
  4. Jennifer is having computer problems. At approx. 27:00, she tries to perform a warning scene True Detective-style but it doesn’t really work.
  5. A strange man visits Dan in his home and gives no new information.
  6. At 30:00, the ever present glamour shot of Stefano DiMira from the DiMira Mansion is visible in the upper right corner of your screen.
  7. Shit basically hits the fan for everyone at the end after Sami and EJ have a puke worthy make out session and his eyes bulge out when he hears of Abigails pregnancy. I had to refer to the final paragraph of the frequently updated Wikipedia page dedicated to EJ DiMira in order to be brought up to speed on his shenanigans. They use the word ‘horny’.

About roxymoss

This blog is a spot to collect some writing and snaps and drawings! I love classic Days of our Lives, riding my bicycle and 'liking' things on Facebook when I have had too much to drink. xo roxy moss
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1 Response to Spring Forward, Fall Back.

  1. bscot088 says:

    Another post! great. Awesome description of coming into spring- surely one of the best phenomenons ever- you’ve captured it. I admit I looked up that soap opera you were talking about it’s pretty dramatic….I hope your rehearsals are going well and that the play goes well. Your place looks pretty cool. What is that a map of?

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