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Todays morning tea was accompanied by various Google searches. The most productive of the day: “Cheap Toronto Haircuts”, “Alan Cummings’ Macbeth” and “Will eating too much salmon skin kill you”?

The first search garnered no trustworthy results. And one third of the people weighing in openly chastised going to the salon to reshape hair you’d chopped yourself.

Guilty. I gave myself a haircut. A haircut inspired by freedom and financial depression. I am not ashamed. And not in the mood for attitude on this sunny day. Ponytail, it is!

The second search made me think of how long it’s been since I’d seen New York City. It was the first place I’d ever flown to and the only place that I had ever really wanted to go. I was 16 and so overwhelmed and invigorated. Just being there broadened my scope of what was possible. I had never thought I’d make it to New York City. And there I was. The realization of one dream breeds the hot pursuit of others. This Google search was inspired by the recent realization of a task I have been avoiding for a long time: renewing my Passport.

The third search is in a family with my most common Google searches. ‘Will blank kill/ poison/ make you sick?’. ‘How long can you store blank in the fridge/ freezer/ medicine cabinet?’. ‘If blank  touches your skin/ eyes/ mouth, should you go to emergency room?’

I think I have a slightly irrational fear of dying a preventable death. When I lived in Cow Head, I came home one night after a show during a terrible thunder and lightning storm. I had to pee so badly and my roommate was in the bathtub and couldn’t get out quick enough and I had to pee so, so very, very badly… I went outside. I went outside in the driving rain and quaking thunder and shards of sharp lightning and peed by the backdoor of our house looking out into the trembling trees in the woods.

Imagine if I’d been hit.

And the headline reads:

Local Actress dies by electrocution after being hit by lightening while urinating outside her own home.

Since that day, whenever I place myself in such situations, I imagine the news headline. I don’t want to die from eating a rotted tomato or improperly grilling a shish kebab. But I still keep a pack of cigarettes in my pocket. And I only got in the habit of wearing my seatbelt after making a solemn promise to a friend that I would do so. Now I am compulsive about it. I guess we choose some of the things we want to fear.

After my Googling, I moved on to my favorite morning activity.

Some people read the paper, I read Craigslist Missed Connections.

I find them joyous and funny and oddly inspiring. Today’s is short and sweet.

And, in case you were wondering, eating the salmon skin is fine. It is actually packed with lots of nutrients. The only worry is if the fish is harvested in contaminated waters, the chemicals seep into the skin. If you eat salmon a lot, you should avoid the skin half the time and probably choose smaller, younger fish. But if you are casual with your salmon satiation, the skin does more good than bad.

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