Candy and Iron Anniversary

I moved to Toronto 6 years ago today.

I found this email excerpt from July 30th, 2006 that describes my journey to a friend:

“Ms. Puddicombe is in Toronto! Her trip, as scheduled for July 18th, was briefly postponed due to a freak packing accident.

At approx. 8 pm on Monday July 17th, Ms. Puddicombe suddenly developed sharp pains in her back after a day of packing and before a trip to Nellies for Bon Voyage beverages. A cab was required to take her to the bar and as the pains intensified, Ms. Puddicombe had to go back to Nunnery Hill. She was very worried that she wouldn’t be able to get on a plane the next day (and record the Zellers demo that she had booked for the morning!), so she tried to relieve her pain with a long bath while her roommate Jason sat on the toilet, offering support through telling her jokes and lighting her cigarettes.

The next morning, Ms. Puddicombe had to be carried into a doctors office by Mr. Sellars and then proceeded to x-ray, and then to emergency (as recommended by the poor nurses who had to witness her have 10 intense back spasms while trying to turn to her left side!!!). The next week (yes… 7 full days!) was spent flat on her back* on the living room pull-out couch on Nunnery Hill, surrounded by Jasons jungle of plants and recieving visitors who offered condolences, chocolate and company. After a strict diet of Codeine and Orange Pekoe tea, she eventually recovered, left her house for the first time for a doctors check up on Monday, and on Tuesday was on a plane bound for Toronto…”

I spent an hour today video chatting with Mr. Sellars, and without recognizing the significance of the day, forgot to thank him for being the best roommate ever. He never let anyone smoke in that house.

He is still one of very best friends. And I am still dramatic and longwinded. I guess even after so many years, the most important things stay the same.

Happy Anniversary Toronto!

*This incident of bedridden-ness is further commented on in the Bonus Story of my post last week, ‘Inflight Entertainment’. The post in which I describe how I liken myself to Powder. We are starting to come full circle.


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