The Woody Point Wave


Day 2 in Woody Point, Newfoundland. I spent yesterday driving across the province with my great friends, Megan and Dennis. We listened to The Rolling Stones and drank Tim Horton’s coffee, which magically tastes better when driving long distances. We picnicked at Joey’s Lookout in Gambo and pissed in the woods, which I seem to be doing at some point every day. And I don’t mind one bit.

Woody Point is a beautiful little town on the West Coast of Newfoundland. My friend Jane is getting married here today. She is getting married in a perfect, tiny abandoned church on a hill and there are 30 friends and family here to cheer her on. There are about 400 people that live in the houses speckled around the winding roads and I have probably looked most of them in the eye since I arrived yesterday. I have been collecting nods.

Everyone gives you a little nod. If people in a small town like this stopped to say “Hi” every time they saw someone they knew, they’d never get anywhere. And people have stuff to do. But everyone gives a nod. An acknowledgement. An “I see you. I like you. Have a good day” gesture. Even if you are in a rush or busy, there is always a second to give a nod and spare a second for a well wish.

I am collecting nods from Woody Point and bringing them all back to Toronto.

I am gonna send one to Jane, too.

Happy Wedding Day Jane & Casey!!!!!!



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This blog is a spot to collect some writing and snaps and drawings! I love classic Days of our Lives, riding my bicycle and 'liking' things on Facebook when I have had too much to drink. xo roxy moss
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